How To Sell Your Condo Assignment Units Fast In Toronto? (2020)

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Sell Condo Assignment Units FAST

“My Builder doesn’t let me advertise on MLS! What to do?”

Very well, that’s the most common question we hear when Condo Assignment Sellers in Toronto decide to sell their units. Many people have the same problem. But, no worries, there are strong methods to sell your Condo Assignment Units in a proper way which we are talking about later on.

Now we talk about why you need to sell in the first place. It may happen that you, as the original Buyer of a Pre-Construction project might need to make a turn in your life and cancel your deal with the builder of the project. Therefore, you would have to put it on sale (Condo Assignment situation) so you can get your deposit back and probably get some profit as well.

6 Reasons that the people want to sell their Pre-Construction Units before the closing day:

  • Increase or decrease in family size
  • Relocation to another city or area
  • Changes in Mortgage rules
  • Separation or divorce
  • Need of cash to help out the other life issues
  • Getting the profit out of selling in a good market without spending money on any closing costs and mortgage approval

The Reality

Most of the Builders do not let you put the listing on the main real estate MLS website. The reason for them could be the controlling the unit price in the same building or in other phases of the same complex. Imagine how hard is flipping a Pre-Construction Unit. Most people use word of mouth or they use some Kijiji type websites.


  • What is the chance of finding a motivated, fully prepared Buyer with enough down payment who is able to get qualified for the mortgage?
  • Can you dedicate a great deal of your time to find the right Buyer? Is timing important to you?
  • Doesn’t a fast, clean, and professionally overviewed transaction bring more benefit to you?

Good News!

Today you can easily use our exclusive fast-growing website, which is specialized in Condo Assignment Services In Toronto.

We use several advanced sources to get inquiries every week.


How it works:

Step 1: The fastest way to sell your Condo Unit without any advertisement anywhere.

This option is very easy,  you just need to go to the Buyers List tab on our website and check if you can find a matching, available Buyer. This board is actually a waiting list and the Buyers are expecting you to contact them.

Now you can connect to the matching Buyer by clicking on Reply. We provide the top service to the public and our duty is to make sure things go along legal procedure. Therefore our licensed professional staff will contact you to verify all the required items in your documents and solve any possible problems to prevent any mistakes. We will contact the Buyer and manage the process by acting as your representative by signing a contract with you. We will keep all your interests and we will negotiate with the Buyer.

This option is the fastest way to sell your Condo Unit without any advertisement anywhere.

Step 2: Post your Condo Assignment Unit on our website for FREE.

Just click on Post Your Listing button on our Menu in order to send your information to us.

We will put your listing on our website as well as our Exclusive Networking Circle without mentioning your Unit number (privacy protection).

Our active exclusive sources include:

1- Re/Max internal agents network (2000 + Re/Max agents in Toronto)

2- Affiliated Toronto Agents Network (4000+ agents in Toronto)

3- Newspaper Ads

4- listing inventory

  • listing inventory (No1 highest ranking real estate website after MLS)
  • Our Social Media

We will contact you as soon as we find a motivated Buyer and take care of the rest of the deal as we mentioned earlier.

You can take advantage of the amazing services we provide for you and continue your relationship with us.


Please share this valuable information and make a change.

If you want to receive the listing updates and news, you can register here, or follow us on Facebook.

Best Regards,

AssignmentBusters Admin


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