How To Find Available Condo Assignment Units For Sale In Toronto?

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Find Available Condo Assignment Units For Sale In Toronto

No Pain No Gain! Really? Is it that hard to find a desired Condo Assignment Unit in Toronto?

Well, the answer is yes and no.

Most of the Builders do not let the original buyers put the listing on the main real estate MLS website. The reason for them could be controlling the unit price in the same building or in the other phases of the same complex. Imagine how hard it will get to find a Condo Assignment Unit in Toronto. Most people use word of mouth or they search some Kijiji type websites. But you need a source which is reliable, gets updated and you have the options to compare some units as well.

The Frustration:

It seems the best choice for you is to use Google to find some Condo Assignment Units in your desired area. Unfortunately, you will find just a few of them which are outdated, poor in information, and even they are not related to Condo Assignment at all!

Good News! is a website specialized on Condo Assignment Services in Toronto. We use many sources to get several New Listings every week. You can find the available units by using the search bar or see the whole inventory in one place. We keep the listings updated.

Sources are as following:

1- Re/Max internal agents network (2000 + Re/Max agents in Toronto)

2- Affiliated Toronto Agents Network (4000+ agents in Toronto)

3- Newspaper Ads

4- listing inventory

5- listing inventory (No1 highest ranking real estate website after MLS)

6- Misc. sources [ like past clients and currently affiliated trades ( Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers, Investors, Private Lenders, …)]

How it works:

Step 1: Use the Search Box
Hopefully, you can find your desired unit on our website, using the Search Box.

By using our exclusive sources, we have obtained the largest Condo Assignment unit inventory you can possibly reach in Toronto.


As soon as you find your desired Unit, send us the Property Code or Property address and we will follow up and make the transaction for you as your representative by signing a contract. and again the good news is that our service is Free for you! Enjoy a fast, easy, reliable and smooth deal through us.

Step 2: Sign Up in Buyers List

If you can not find your desired Unit in the search result, you can still have a chance to introduce yourself to us and to the potential Sellers by signing up in the Buyers List.


That is a place you can tell us about your desired unit, area and any other requirements you are looking for, so the Sellers who visit the List can contact you and offer their matching units and we use our sources to find you a matching Condo Unit.

As soon as you show up on the Buyers List, we give you the following free of charge services:

  • We register you on our internal Watch List
  • We send a notification to all the people who are registered in our exclusive Emailing System
  • We send your requests to over 4000 real estate agents in our network
  • We post your requests on our high traffic Office Board
  • We post your requests on our Social Media(Facebook, Instagram,…)
  • We post your request on our weekly paper version Ads/Flyers/Signs

We do our best to find you the matching listings and inform you right away.

We are confident to deliver the highest level of professional services to our clients.



I will be happy to see your comments below and exchange our ideas and information.

Please share this valuable information with friends and family and make a change.

If you want to receive the listing updates and news, you can register here, or follow us on Facebook.

Best Regards,

Assignment Busters Admin


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