Toronto Condo Assignment Sales in $1600s+ /sqf range

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It is very important to know the price of Condo Assignment Units in a specific neighborhood. Whether you are a consumer or an investor, you need to know if your purchase is worth it in the real estate market. Here is the helpful result of the available Condo assignment units in Toronto area.

Available Units which are in $1600s +/sqft range:

470 Front Street West, 20th Floor, 1+1 BR, 1 WR, $968,888

The Well-Tridel Classic Series I, at 470 Front St. West, Toronto General Description: Don’t miss your exclusive chance to get into a brand-new The Well Condos (Tridel Classic Series I) assignment unit at 470 Front St., Toronto. Nestled right in the very heart of downtown Toronto, this gorgeous unit is for sale as a condo assignment and it could be yours for only $968,888. This special Tridel Classic Series […]

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